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“A heartfelt and honest work, whose lively, self-deprecating style enables the reader to empathise with Yogis at every stage of his journey.”
The Times of London

“Great stuff with the words ‘cult classic‘ stamped all over it.”
Alex Wade, Surf Nation

“If there’s anything wrong with the book, it’s that it’s too short (256 breezy pages) and leaves you wanting more…”
Surfers Journal

“An adventure story in which the sea is a powerful antagonist, at once the siren and the ogre, irresistible and terrifying in its sheer, monstrous power.”
The Huffington Post

“Saltwater Buddha is a string of polished gems.”
The Age

“Vivid…a great summer read.”
Sacramento Book Review

“Even land lovers will find Yogis’s lessons resonant and entertaining, but surfers will find this a quick, surprisingly deep tribute to the quest for surf and serenity.”
Publishers Weekly


“Any self-respecting surfer who’s paddled out into the ocean’s fury and caught a wave knows that Zen and surfing are inseparable. It’s just that most don’t know it – yet. Now with Jaimal Yogis’ new book Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea the connection between the two is at last articulated.”
The Monterey Herald

“Surfing literature finds a new, more profound incarnation.”
San Francisco Magazine

“There is wisdom, there is humor, there is learning and, above all, there is sincerity.
Honolulu Advertiser

“An incredibly honest story by a writer who, like most of us, is searching for answers about life and where his was heading…By the time I closed the book, my cynicism was long gone.”
Outdoor Japan

“Jaimal Yogis has done, in this terrific first book, what every artist
and writer strives to do: he has made something beautiful and
universal from the particulars of his own life…he just writes well.”
Daniel Duane, author of Caught Inside: a surfer’s year on the California Coast

“A fun, lively account.”
Jeff Baker, The Oregonian

“I can feel the wind in my face, the sand between my toes and the surging sea beneath my feet. This book is a joy to read.” Ari L. Goldman, author of National Bestseller, The Search for God at Harvard

“May ultimately launch an entirely new breed of memoir: the coming-of-sage story. Yogis’ prose is etched yet effortless, a conversation with a friend who pretends to be naïve, but has clearly drunk up so much life experience that you trust his authority as a truth-telling more than you know.”
Bruce Kelley, editor-in-chief, San Francisco Magazine

“…lighthearted and natural and unafraid…a beautiful coming of age story.”
Abby Gruen, New York Times contributing writer

“Wryly told… rich reading for both surfers and spiritual
seekers, who are, we learn here, sometimes one and the same.”
Thomas Farber, author of The Face of the Deep

“It’s the perfect read for those who love the ocean as much as their yoga mats, or for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual practice that is surfing.”
Yoga Journal

“An incredibly fun ride. Yogis has written a great book about surfing and zen and what it means to be young and what it means to want life to matter and how, sometimes when you’re very, very lucky, all of these things can come together on one perfect wave.”
Steven Kotler, author of West of Jesus

“As a surfer, Saltwater Buddha is a reminder to focus on the positive even in difficult situations. Whether it’s fierce localism, cold water, or endless big waves, we could all use a little more Zen.”
Holly Beck, professional surfer

“With Saltwater Buddha, Yogis, now 29, joins an impressive posse of surfer/writer/intellectuals…who have, over the recent past, given surfing a language and a literature.”
San Francisco Chronicle



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