Saltwater Buddha Headed to Maui Film Festival


It was a lot harder than we ever imagined to complete feature documentary. But no paddle, no surf. And we are happy to announce that Saltwater Buddha: the film is headed to the Maui Film Festival at Wailea and Macc (June 15-19) as an Official Selection.

Maui has been hailed by the LA Times, Variety and a ton of others as one of the best film festivals, period. And with Saltwater’s history on the island, we could not be more stoked and honored.

We could not have made this journey without all of our friends and families and fans – not to mention the artists who contributed their gifts. (Please come join us in Maui if you can!)

Go to for more info and to see how gorgeous this festival will be. And stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on screening times and other festivals (which we will announce soon).

There are way too many thank yous needed but we want to give special thanks to our Kickstarter donors who have been so patient with us. Mahalo!

See you in Maui! And if you’d like to read the best-selling book before seeing the film, you can order on Indiebound, Amazon, and B&N.¬†Or order directly from the publisher.