Surfing With Sartre


It was a big honor to dialogue with UC Irvine political Philosophy Professor Aaron James last night at Mollusk. We riffed on Buddhism and existentialism and waves and books. But in light of these wildfires in Napa (and hurricanes out east) I thought I’d hi-light something I really like about Aaron’s new and profound book, Surfing With Sartre.

It only takes reading a few articles to easily connect climate change with stronger hurricanes and longer wildfire seasons around the globe over recent decades.

We are in deep. And in a nutshell Aaron argues that new carbon tax policies and clean energy are good but not enough. We as a culture need to radically adjust our lifestyle and one way to do that is working less. Those *lazy* Germans, for example, have a 35-hour work week while we here move closer to 50 and 60. We’d likely be happier working less and it would do a collective good of cutting our greenhouse gas emissions if we spent that time surfing or gardening or playing with our kids, which in the end will save us money in healthcare (less stress) and rebuilding (bigger hurricanes and floods will suck up tax dollars like nothing else).

Aaron builds the case for how a 20-hour work week might be possible. It sounds radical but so was the 40-hour work week not so long ago.

Leisure revolution while saving the planet and surfing more. I’m definitely stumping for this. Hope we can continue the conversation Aaron!

Buy a book: All Our Waves Are Water ~ Saltwater Buddha ~ The Fear Project


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